Mossad Israel Intelligence Institute Sweatshirt-Red

Mossad Israel Intelligence Institute Sweatshirt-Red

"Super Jew" Sweatshirt-Black

Mossad Israel Intelligence Institute Sweatshirt-Gray

High Quality Made in Israel 100% Cotton Sweatshirt with Quality Print: White IDF Mossad Israel Intelligence Institute
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Sweatshirt IDF Mossad Israel Intelligence Institute-Gray

Black IDF Mossad Israel Intelligence Institute Sweatshirt



The Shirts are 100% cotton. Made and printed in Israel.
Sizes from S-XXL are available.

The Mossad Secret Intelligence Shirt features a White or Black logo.
The print in Hebrew reads "HaMossad LeModi'in", which translates to "The Institute for Intelligence" in English. In English, on the bottom, it reads Israel Secret Intelligence.

Shirts are made in Israel by Nirlon. Nirlon has been manufacturing high quality 100% cotton shirts for over 15 years.


The Mossad is responsible for intelligence collection, covert operations, and counterterrorism. In contrast to the government and military, the goals, structure, and powers of the Mossad are exempt from the Basic Laws of Israel. However, its activity is subject to secret procedures that have never been published. Its director reports directly to the Prime Minister.

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