ORPAZ was founded in 1990 by a veteran of the Israeli police SWAT unit in order to create and provide solutions for much needed operational demands according to his experience as an End User. Today, almost 30 years later, all design, development, production and most important- All product's field tests are still done in Israel by generations of warriors.

By maintaining such a close and continuous collaboration with the Israeli forces, we in Orpaz breath and feel the needs of the end-users and make all efforts to provide solutions. All our products are meticulously produced, tested and go through a Quality Assurance process to provide our valued customers with the best product we can. We take pride in our innovation, quick reaction, high-end production and deep understanding of the job need to be done.

Along with our family of dedicated employees consisting of professional production, product development and marketing teams, ORPAZ is in the rights path of growing and improving.

Our line of Orpaz-Holsters products, distributed by our valued distributor- IDS (Israel Defense Store) is achieving great results and gets amazing feedbacks from users all around the world.

With a strong Research and Development team, we promise to keep evolving, improving and d to provide our customer with an ever-growing line of solutions.

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