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Who We Are

IDS (Israel Defense Store) was established back in 2006 by Two young (Back then...) veterans of the IDF. Ido was a Tank (Merkava 3) commander and Yotam was a paratrooper. Both born and raise in the rural southern part of Israel and were educated to love the country, people and nature.

After their service they have traveled the world for over a year and upon returning to Israel decided to establish a business platform to spread Israeli production worldwide.

The products presented and produced by IDS today, are all related to the owner’s true real passions- Traveling and shooting and are all made of the highest quality the industry has to offer.

IDS offices and warehouse are still located in Kfar-Ahim, a small village in the Central-South area of Israel. IDS is an official supplier of equipment to the Israeli Ministry of Defense as well as a respected distributor of Israel’s leading brands in the fields of tactical, sport shooting and outdoors equipment.

IDS has a large (not large enough) net of business partners, distributors and customers worldwide, 7 employees and is constantly looking for ways to improve its line of products, sharpen its customer service and keep bringing the best of Israeli production to its worldwide customers.