Teva Naot Omer Men's Leather Flip Flop Sandal

Teva Naot Omer Men's Leather Flip Flop Sandal

Hagor Thermal Pants

Hagor Thermal Pants

Teva Naot Shahar Men's Leather Sandal

Teva Naot Orthopedic Comfort Sandal


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Teva Naot Shahar
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Teva Naot Leather Shoes

Model: Shahar

Colors: Light Gray, Gray, Vintage Brown, Brown, Cream, Black


As we believe beauty starts with feeling comfortable, so we make sure every shoe fits like a glove on your foot. The quality of our Teva-Naot footwear is present in every detail.

The Teva Naot Company was founded in 1942 in Kibbutz Naot Mordechai, located in the Upper Galilee of Israel. Today, nearly 70 years later, Teva Naot footwear is sold in over 6,000 points of sale around the world.

Teva Naot footwear comes in a wide variety of models and styles that are suitable for any setting and all occasions. Whether you are going to work, a short afternoon stroll or an outdoor adventure, you will always feel ready and fashionable.

Everyday Care:

Shiny skins have to brush and polish with a paste of black or brown according to skin color, and other colors with transparent ointment.

Leather and suede-type dry brush should be cleaned only difficult without ointment, and the occasional splash spray dedicated to protection from absorbing moisture or stains.


Quality is a prominent guiding value for our organization! Every step of the manufacturing process is handmade by professionals, with an emphasis on the small details, which provides a substantial added value to our products and to our clients. All Teva Naot footwear undergoes extensive and meticulous quality control processes.


Beyond the perfection in the manufacturing process, the selection of raw materials is also highly important. Teva Naot line of products uses the highest-quality raw materials available. The shoes are made of high quality natural, soft and airy Italian leather


The heart of the product is the anatomical insole, for which the company is best known. It is custom made to be a negative photograph of your foot, including toe support, elevation the center of the foothold, support of the arch and a deep scoop of the heel for total comfort and stability. The insole is made of cork and latex made of natural plastic.

Environmentally Friendly

Out of a deep sense of commitment and responsibility to the environment in which Teva Naot operates, the company has since its founding made sure to act responsibly regarding nature, human beings, and the environment. Teva Naot only uses natural raw materials to produce its footwear, such as natural cork made of the bark of oak trees and natural latex made of wood rubber. These natural materials are highly durable and guarantee our clients don’t need to exchange their shoes often. Teva Naot footwear is mostly handmade, which means we reduce the need to utilize machines that consume high quantities of energy, and by doing so, prevent the emission of harmful.


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