Adi Watches

Adi Watches is an Israeli brand, located in the “Kvutzat Yavneh” kibbutz. The factory – which was established in 1984 – now produces more than 200 models of wristwatches for men, women, youth, children and soldiers.

All watches are designed and manufactured in Israel – diving, sports, elegant and Tactical watches are kept reflecting the cultural and historical heritage of the Holy Land.

Our mainlined of production in which we take the proudest are:

Tactical Watches:

A line of products in which we are very proud is the IDF units symbols. As a long time manufacturer for the IDF, ADI Watches has equipped over the years more than 500,000 soldiers with its top-tier tactical line of watches making soldiers proud of their units legacy and personal path of service. A watch to remind soldiers of their golden years even decades after retiring.

Judaica Watches: 

The inspiration for this line of unique wristwatches came from a legacy of over 3,000 years, displayed in classic Hebrew typography and perfectly integrated into clean and functional style. The ancient Hebrew letters retained their original form even after the destruction of the Temple and 2,000 years of exile throughout the world – as if time stood still. The Timeless Collection reminds us of the eternity of words and their meanings and moves anyone who wears it.

Today, in the same country where the holy language developed, Adi Watches continues the tradition of Hebrew writing in a unique way, combining old and new, tradition and progress, past and future. All products at Adi Watches are characterized by the utmost level of craftsmanship and design and are produced from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or titanium. This quality is field-proven on a daily basis, on the wrists of pilots, officers and soldiers in IDF special units.

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