Black Hagor Vest Level IIIA and SINGLE Bulletproof SAPI Body Plate Carrier

BUNDLE Hagor Vest 200 Level IIIA + SINGLE Bulletproof SAPI Level III+ Body Plate Armor

Black Hagor Vest Level IIIA + PASGT Ballistic Helmet Level IIIA Black

BUNDLE Hagor Vest 200 Level IIIA + PASGT Ballistic Helmet Level IIIA

BUNDLE - Hagor Vest 200 Level IIIA + 2X Bulletproof SAPI Level III+ Body Plate Armor + 2X Anti Trauma Panels Plate + PASGT Ballistic Helmet

Included in Bundle:

  • HAGOR VEST 200 LEVEL IIIA - Color BLACK, sizes S-XXL
  • Two STA Bulletproof SAPI Level III+ Polyethylene Body Plate Armor
  • Two Anti Trauma Panel Plates for Bulletproof Armor Vest
  • HAGOR PASGT BALLISTIC HELMET LEVEL IIIA - Black, Head circumference 56-59 cm
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The newly re-designed Model 200 ballistic vest is one of Hagor's absolute best sellers. It is a NIJ STD 0101.06 compliant military vest, manufactured from Aramid UD in a heavy-duty polyester carrier. Front and back pockets allow for the addition of ballistic hard plates to protect from high-velocity rifle rounds.


  • Ballistic layer Aramid UD, Nylon 70D cover, TPU coated, WR, welded
  • Outer shell Polyester 600D, PU coated, WR – Back-to-front overlap protection
  • 4-point adjustable vest cover with 3D mesh lining for max comfort & ventilation
  • Top loading reinforced front and back rear pockets. – Heavy-duty reinforced drag strap


The “Shayetet” Level III+ Bulletproof Plate Body Armor is our top seller for Military and Professional Personnel. While our level III “Golani” is the most common body armor and considered as a NIJ std, the level III+ “Shayetet” body armor provides a higher level of threat protection without compromising much weight and maneuverability.
Produced in Israel, the “Shayetet” plate (mostly in its Stand Alone version) is a standard issue in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) Elite units.

Constructed of advanced Polyethylene composites, this body armor plate was designed and manufactured with professional end users in mind providing both solid protection against a wide variety of rounds alongside a very lightweight and ergonomic structure.

The “Shayetet” durable construction and choice of materials provide not only excellent frag mitigation properties but also make the plate Multi-hit allowing it to absorb up to six rounds before failing. Along with its Multi Curve structure, and battle proven reputation, we believe this plate provides the best value for our professional segment users!

The materials chosen for the production of the “Shayetet” plate (high-molecular weight fiber that’s pound for pound is 15 times stronger than steel) make it one of the most lightweight yet durable solutions in the market.
The geometry of this ballistic plate – (Multi Curved Structure) ensures a perfect fit to the human torso and provides a top tier ergonomic solution.

Level III+ “Shayetet” armor plates will withstand impact from all handgun calibers. These body armor plates also defeat rifle rounds up to 7.62 x 51 M80 and 7.62x39 MSC (Mild Steel Core), along with light armor piercing (AP) projectiles, such as the 5.56 x 45 (M855).

Each batch of our level III+ “Shayetet” body armor plate is tested and certified to meet or exceed ballistic resistance as specified under NIJ 0101.06, plus Special Rifle Threats Validated.

STA –Stand Alone. Mostly in use inside a Plate Carrier. Common for Military and Special Forces applications where high caliber high velocity rounds tend to fly…
This version ballistic plate does not require additional soft armor inserts to meet the stated threat level rating.

Do not expose to direct sunlight, extreme heat or chemicals. Store flat.
For cleaning, wipe with damp cloth



  • 2 x Anti Trauma Panel Plates for Bulletproof Armor. 
  • Insert the panel behind the ballistic plate so it will be close to the body.
  • The plate is not to be used alone, only with a ballistic plate.
  • The panel absorbs part of the trauma from the ballistic plate when it is hit. 
  • Made of two layers of Polycarbonate, the total thickness of 3mm, and extremely high-density foam between them (5mm thickness).
  • Size: 10"x 12" // 25cm X 30cm


The Hagor PASGT helmet is a ballistic military helmet manufactured in accordance to NIJ 0101.06 standard.
The Level IIIA PASGT helmet protects against fragmentation/shrapnel and ammunition.


  • Scratch-resistant non-reflective flat paint
  • The interior is lined with impact-absorbing foam pads that provide additional protection against blunt force trauma
  • Its three-point suspension system is fully adjustable for added comfort and stability
  • A quick-release feature on the left ensures fast placement and removal
  • It has been tested to meet MIL-STD-662F V50 standard for fragmentation resistance

Helmet Weight: 1.5 kg

Head Circumference: 48-58cm

*Please note, offered BUNDLE prodcuts:

- All Plates are Stand Alone SAPI Cut Bulletproof Level III - 25cm X 30cm // 10” X 12”
- All Vests are Bulletproof Level IIIA - Color black, Sizes S-XXL
- All Helmuts are Level IIIA HAGOR PASGT Ballistic helmut - Head circumference 56-59 cm


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