Gray Tactical Boots Teva Naot Scout Commando

Gray Tactical Boots Teva Naot Scout Commando

IDF - Israeli Defense Forces Official Tactical Boots - Light Version

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IDF - Israeli Defense Forces Official Tactical Boots - Light Version

These Tactical Boots are original military boots used by the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) and are marked with the obligatory IDF logo.
The "TZ" (צ) marked on the upper-outer side ot the boot is the first letter of the Hebrew acronym Zahal (צה"ל) - Stand for IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) or in Hebrew צה"ל (צבא הגנה לישראל) .
Besides the IDF logo, all the Israeli military related information is marked by numerical code.

Constructed of water resistant full grain leather. An unlined upper keeps your feet cool and dry in hot operation environments.
The Dual Density Polyurethane sole is designed for light weight, flexibility, shock absorbent, high abrasion and slip resistant. 
This boot is designed to provide the comfort and performance of a Combat Boot.

Features / Technical Specs:
Upper material: Full grain
Leather Sole: Dual Density direct injection Cashion
Midsole: Polyurethane
Outsole: High Density Polyurethane

Overall Height: 25cm // 10Inches
Sizes: 40-46 (EU) // 7.5-13.5 (US)
Overall Weight: 1.720g' // 2.5lbs

The special pockets at the top part of the boot are designed for soldier personal identification tags.
The pockets are surrounded by small holes made for sewing the identification tags securely into the boot.

These Black colored Tactical boots are provided by the IDF to infantry and artillery units, tank crews, Air Force, Navy, border police, police and paramilitary forces and are considered as a very durable & long lasting piece of Tactical Gear.

The blue colored strip inside the boots top indicates the "light" version of the IDF boots. These are considered as a trophy for the combat soldiers deferring them from the non-combat personnel. The regular "heavy" boots have a black color top...
The top of the boot is made of durable and thick leather, the sole is made of polyurethane or vulcanized rubber with non-slip soles and zig-zag tread pattern.

These boots have a two-layered thickened sole for all terrain use.

The size of the boots varies from 40 - 46 European // 7.5 - 13.5 US

The leather for the IDF boot is usually very stiff and takes a while to soften. 
It holds the legs very tightly and provides a very good protection for long walking distances as well as outer hits such as debris, Shrapnel, rocks and everything a warrior can come across during training and in a combat environment. 

To clean the boots:

  1. Wash dirt and dust off with water
  2. Carefully wipe it dry
  3. Apply boot polish giving it time to soak and dry
  4. Remove any excessive cream with a brush and polish the surface for a shiny finish.

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